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Continuous Mixer

CP Series II™
CP Series II™ (ES)
CP550 3D-Model (2.73 MB)

The CP Processor combines the Farrel Continuous Mixer (FCM™) with a single screw extruder in a package complete with variable speed drives and PLC controls. CP’s excel in polyolefin based compounds with high levels of mineral fillers, additives and color masterbatches, polymer-elastomer blends and applications requiring high intensity mixing.

CP's are tailored to specific customer requirements such as: power, speed, rotor style, extruder configuration and head assemblies for screening and pelletizing. The effects of abrasive ingredients are addressed by the use of hard metal coatings and barrel liners. Because the mixer operates with relatively large clearances, the CP provides operating and maintenance advantages over other processing equipment that must maintain tight screw-to-barrel clearances.

The CP offers a versatile, energy efficient compounding solution that allows users to process a wide range of compounds with a high on-stream factor.

CP Series II™ Compact Processor Capacities
Machine SizeCP125CP250CP550CP1000CP2000CP2500CP4000
Nominal Production Rates (in kg/hr)*80-150175-300350-600750-1,2001,500-2,2001,875-2,7503,000-4,500
* All production rates should be factory verified